Joshua Selimi


Joshua Selimi is a British singer-songwriter and pianist from SW London. 




























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Joshua Selimi is a 20 year old singer-songwriter and pianist from SW London. After being locked in a home studio for several years, he emerged at the start of 2017 to play two of his own songs at the King William IV in Pimlico. Since then, he has been gigging in and around London and gained over 400 fans in two months.

His writing style encompasses the Indie Pop and Soul genres, and a recent live session for GOOT ( features a stripped back version of his song 'Heart and Soul'. One piano. One voice. Simplicity, yet the melodies and vocal ability are truly captivating.

'Growing up, we had a Renault SUV with a CD multi changer in the boot. It was in such a stupid place that we never changed the discs, so most of my childhood memories are scored by the likes of U2, Keane, Coldplay and David Gray'. More recent influences include Tom Odell, Jack Savoretti, John Mayer and Birdy. 

'In 2011, GCSE Music came along. We listened to all the classics. Mozart 40, Chopin's Raindrop, even Yiri by Koko (I still remember the African chant..) Then our rather underwhelmed teacher played the next track on the CD. Jeff Buckley filled the room. His voice carried so much feeling. I was amazed at his range and how he revealed different sides to his voice in the song Grace. As a 15 year old musician, Jeff Buckley showed me that the voice is an incredible instrument, and he challenged me to develop techniques so I could achieve similar tones and variations. 


With two more live sessions on the way, appearances at The Pheasantry and The Hanwell Hootie Festival, and a radio appearance coming up, 2017 is already set to be an exciting year for Joshua Selimi.